DAWR(1)                  EXTREME RECOVERING              DARW(1)

       darw - de.alt.recovery.webauthor

       darw [options [-o ATTRIBUTES]] [victim] [expire] [alcohol]

       darw is Copyright (C) 936-2036 by de.alt.recovery.webauthor

       darw is a human-compatible resource of joy. It parses the
       harmful pain of stressed webauthors and sends back all virtual
       drugs they need for recovery.

       Beside the a.m. people, noone is authorised to read/post in safe
       mode. Multimedia-featuring webdesigners are allowed to be deleted
       at any time without rfd, rfv or announcing of reasons.

       darw requires a full rfc-compliant newsclient and a stable
       psychical constitution.

       See charta

--victim (Name|EMAIL)
       Automatically flames webdesigner specified by attribute.
       Enables -r

--alcohol percentage
       Stops posting to darw when value of percentage is reached.
       Forwards all postings to dag°.
       WARNING: percentage means part of blood in alcohol,
       not alcohol in blood!



--killone eMail
       flashes webdesigner mentioned in eMail. By lightning.
       On the WC. In reality. Finally.
       Sorry, no chance to combine with --killall. My lawyer resists.
       Write and compile it for yourself, but don't blame me.

--killall file
       Starts a final flame war to all posters not mentioned in file.
       By default, files of --killall and -K are the same.
       Use different filenames to avoid an unnecessarily quantity
       of blood <shudder />. Sorry, no chance to combine with --killone.

       Trap-Option for MCSEs fighting to get out of --oe or any
       other traps. Ignored.

       The full set of options is never posted in darw.
       -r  This option enables recursive recovery. Using the experiencies
           of dciwam, it produces an uncommunicative posting-loop between a
           victim (i.e. webdesigner) and webauthor. Only avaliable in
           combination with --victim.

       -S  This option enables Steffi mode. Any request for statistics will be
           answered by <$tremendous_big_number> of numbers. No sorting option
           available. In several other cases postings will be answered in a way,
           which might be incompatible to -a.
           WARNING! Combination of -S and -a might be recursive
           and might cause serious damage in fluence of information.

       -B  This option enables Bjoern mode. Any posting will be answered
           by one word. In case of flood it might increase up to 5 words.
           If there are no postings, flood is too high.

       -K file 
           Konni mode. No posting will be sent. An alert messages will be send
           to kitchen@roterochs.de to increase production of food.
           An announcement will be send to <list_of_comrades> listed in file.
           Recovery will be continued at roterochs.de. At these meetings
           the options not mentioned here will be discussed <evil laughter />.
           If (len(file) => 20), a second alert message will be send to
           brewery@forchheim.de to ensure sufficient quantity.

       -O  Olaf mode. Produces relative arguments to be added to an
           absolute statement.

       -L  Lars mode. Adds vegetables to footer or signature.

       -R  Rainer mode. Pipes postings to baldrian filter[tm].
       -I  Sebastian mode. All postings are posted invisible.

       -a  This option changes defaults to values according to the age
           of the original poster. It will optimize the text of the reply.
           Possible values: >16.
           Values <18 combined with -B are possible since 2000.
           Values <18 will replace <censored> and other <censored>
           <censored> with less dangerous <censored>.
           WARNING! Combination of -a and -S might be recursive and
           might cause serious damage in fluence of information.

       -p  "Physical Contact Mode". It was announced to be tested by
           Michael and Steffi, but no result was reported. There might be no
           output or it might be useful to add an attribute position.
           Join the CVS!

       -v  ignored
       -h  ignored

       -t  Changes characterset declaration to values unreadable by OE.

       -o --attribute[s]
           These option, followed by attributes, activates automatic
           handling of postings.       
           --info     Poster asks !recovery questions about 
                      html-authoring. Posting will be f'uped to dciwam.
           --error    Error mode. Poster is no webauthor or 
                      i.e. wants his data back without 
                      restore. Posting will be answered by mailing 
                      the charta.

           --nooe     "Bandwidth Rescue Mode". Automatically deletes
                      all postings generated by OE.
           --noframe  Automatically drops all postings with 
                      "Frame(s)" in topic.

           --nojava   Automatically drops all postings with
                      "Java(script)" in topic.
           --noflash  Automatically drops all postings with
                      "Flash" in topic.

           --nosound  Automatically drops all postings with
                      "Background"+"Sound" in topic.

           --nothing  Combination of --noframe, --nojava, 
                      --noflash, --nosound, --nooe

           All options are activated. Please ensure that you are sitting
           in your refuge at Brasil or India or so before using

           - porting to dciwam
           - hanging M$ higher
           - deleting all NN4.x
           - testing -p by myself

           Not documented. Use find to find them.

           dciwam(1), sex(6), baby(6), man(1)

           No bugs documented so far. Donīt hesitate to send bugreports to

           darw was founded in 2002 after heavy fight in daa.

           Congratulations to Dominik
           Nice dreams to Harald

           I have with nothing what at hat.